Everyone in the school community can:

Search the map to see if your school is listed.  If not, anyone can ‘list’ a school’s location (it appears after we have approved the submission).  Then students, teachers and parents, when they sign up as a HEROES,  can add their commitment to pick up a piece of plastic on their way to or from school. 


If you are a school staff member or approved leader:

Sign up under the School category and ‘Claim’ the school.  Then publish your Page and share whatever your school is doing to look after our planet.  Even the smallest initiatives – it’s a start. We have only just launched the School category, so please be a leading school.  We encourage schools also to do these two things:

1. As the whole school or class/es or the environmental group – commit to pick up plastics in the school or nearby for 20 minutes once a week.  Post an entry and image on your Page and share that post to social media.  This appears on a global list – kids making a difference – others will follow. 

2. Check list and post your school activities, for example, a swimming carnival, excursion, parent/teacher night or staff development day.  Then post the checked activity.

Please note, when schools create a Plastic Free Oceans page you can hide our red Donate button.  You can add your own donate button as one of the custom buttons on the page. So, when people view your page they only see your donate button. 

Keep a watch out for notices about activities of remote island schools.  This is related aspect of our Foundation and we hope in the future to create communications between schools and these island schools.  We will keep you posted.

Only sign up as a school if you are a teacher or otherwise who will be responsible for managing the account – you can share editing permission.   If you are a student you can sign up as a HERO and follow the school. Talk to teachers about claiming the school.

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