Coming March 2019

If you are considering claiming or following a school let’s wait until March.  

There are some very cool things on the way for schools – see you then.


Only sign up as a school if you are a teacher who will be responsible for managing the account – you can share editing permission.   If you are a student you can sign up as a HERO and follow the school. Talk to teachers about claiming the school.

So students, teachers and parents can list their walks to school. Anyone can ‘list’ a school. So, first check the map to see if your school is listed. If the school is listed students, teachers and parents can add their walks to and from school – or to the car, bus or train stop getting to school.   If it is not listed, ask a teacher to list and claim the school. 

If you are a school staff member with the authority, ‘claim’ the school.   There are no fees, but as part of the authentication process we invite a donation, but that can be as low as $1.  After claiming the school suggest all in the school community pick up a piece of plastic on their way to and from school and follow the school’s page.  Their plastics count will add to the school total.

Edit and share your Page. It is like a Facebook business page where you can add text, images and videos to share what your school is doing to look after our planet.

Please note: for students, their ‘dot’ adds to the total of HEROES at the school and they are listed against the school address.  We do not recommend students add the exact address where they pick up plastic on their walk to or from the school or at the bus or train stop. 

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