It’s simple for Clubs, Rotaract, Interact, Inner Wheel and Rotary groups to be part of the solution to the plastic crisis.  Plastic is a hot topic and showing leadership on the issue will also increase Rotary’s exposure in the community and let’s hope that attracts more people to join your club.

Choose a member to sign up as your club’s representative.  Then, when planning club activities, for example a BBQ or change over dinner, do the simple 6 point checklist to identify practical ways to reduce waste.  Add the activity to your ‘Page’ so it displays in the global activities list.  It’s that easy for your club to be part of a global community of Rotarians working together to protect our environment.  Here is an example: Corrimal Rotary

Also, have a member join ESRAG, Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group. Using the newsletters your representative can occasionally report to the club about Rotarian environmental activity around the world.

Sign up requires a donation – that adds an additional layer of authentication, but it can be any amount you choose.  $1 is fine and if you like the initiative you may consider more support later.  You may find particular interest in the double outcome of donations – several rotary clubs have sponsored those international projects.

Formal invitations will go out to Rotary groups in Feb. 2019, but the platform is now open so please sign up now. Others will follow the early adopters. Only sign up as a Rotary Club/group if you are the nominated representative – otherwise sign up as a HERO and ‘Follow’ your club/group.

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