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As well as helping the environment, showing leadership on this topical issue will attract new people to Rotary. Sign up your club and do one or all of the following (see the video below for more detail):

1 – Have a club member be an environmental representative and monitor news from ESRAG  (Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group) and environmental activities of other clubs.  Then, once a month, give a five-minute report to members.  That’s it – easy.

 2 –  On the 2nd Saturday or Sunday of each month invite club members and the community to meet to pick up plastics.  Keep it simple – bring a bag to fill – only an hour – go for a coffee afterwards.  So it’s a fun, easy and on-going community activity.  ‘Post’ the activity in your ‘Page’.  

3 –  When planning club activities, for example a change over dinner or BBQ, do a simple checklist to identify practical ways to reduce waste.  ‘Post’ the activity to your ‘Page’ so the global community can see it. 

You can download the video here:

Only sign up as a Rotary Club/group if you are the nominated representative – otherwise sign up as a HERO and ‘Follow’ your club/group.

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