We want to promote you, so if you are a not for profit accepting donations – relax.  When you create your Plastic Free Oceans page you can hide our red Donate button.  You can add your own donate button as one of the custom buttons on the page. So, when people view your page they only see your donate button. 

 It’s easy, sign up, add some information, put your dot on the map and add buttons to point to your website, social media and where ever you want them to be looking. Here are some examples of early adopters. For a limited period we are helping you fast track by creating your page for you – then publish it if you like what you see – send your details and we can do that for you.

If you are a community group formed specifically for the purpose of picking up plastic and waste go to here:

Only sign up as an organization if you are the person responsible for managing the account. If you want to follow and engage with the organisation sign up as a HERO.

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