Everyone can be a HERO for Plastic Free Oceans by signing up and committing to pick up at least one piece of plastic, once a week.  And, just once, add and leave your dot on the map. Of course, you can pick up more if you wish. Super important: it is your usual routine – so you only need to enter the dot once – there is no need to change it when you go on holiday. If you prefer not to publish the exact location of your walk or wheel, choose a location some distance away in the same area – that’s fine.  If a disability prevents you from picking up a piece of plastic, be a CHAMPION and put a dot on the map at your place.

What if there is no plastics left to pick up?  Wow that would be awesome.  Look closely, there will be tiny bits still around.  Perhaps change your walk a little, but leave your commitment the same because it is your intention that is being measured – keep looking.

Oh!  Of course you do not need to have a HERO sign like in the video to be a Hero 🙂


When logged in you can also be a Champion.  Select one or more of the 8 ways we can reduce our plastic consumption.  You may be surprised how much you use and how easy it is to reduce that.  It’s easy and others will follow your lead. 



You may like to volunteer by, each week or month, spending an hour on your computer volunteering for Plastic Free Oceans. Those simple actions will multiply your positive impact on the environment. You can add your hours to the global total of volunteered hours. 

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