Only sign up as an organisation if you are the person responsible for managing the account. If you want to follow and engage with the organisation sign up as a HERO.

There are no annual fees and no sign up criteria and it’s easy. Sign up, add some information and get on this new business directory. Add customisable buttons and links to your social media to drive traffic to your business.  

SUPER IMPORTANT. The platform is not just for those taking big steps to reduce plastics. Even if it is only one action you do, for example “we recycle as much as possible” – list and get on the map. That is enough to get started – you may consider other actions later.  We can all make a start to being part of the solution to the plastics crisis.  Others will follow your lead.

If you have multiple businesses you can list them under a single login. Registrations require a donation because that adds an additional layer of authentication to the sign up and we rely fully on donor support, but that can be any amount you choose. 

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