Your page has an optional section “For the environment”  Here are some ideas you might like to include.  It can be as simple as one thing like ‘we have a strong recycling policy’.  That’s a start and you may consider other ideas later.

For the environment we:

The first point is ‘business reality’ – it’s a step wise process and will take time – and some things simply may not get done because they can not fit your business model – that’s fine – share the things you are already doing or working toward.  

  • it is a gradual process to make organisational change to reduce waste and we are progressively considering options. 
  • take all reasonable steps to recycle plastic and other waste.
  • where practical purchase products and produce with the least plastic packaging.
  • provide non-plastic drinking straws or reusable drinking straws in our food outlets.
  • provide non-plastic cutlery and/or plates for take aways.
  • use non plastic fully compostable lids and cups for take aways.
  • use non-plastic, non-polystyrene/Styrofoam take-away containers.
  • do not serve water in plastic bottles.
  • staff are encouraged to pick up plastics when doing their other duties around the property.
  • have a staff member spend one hour each week checking the property for small plastic rubbish.
  • have an optional bath towel reuse policy to save water and chemicals.  
  • have water efficient shower roses.
  • where possible we source local produce.  It’s fresh and has least possible carbon footprint.
  • we compost food waste.   Perhaps:  we use it in our on-site garden.
  • use solar power  OR we purchase only 100% renewable electricity.
  • have LEDs for most of our lighting.
  • use hybrid or electric vehicles in our fleet.
  • have printed cards that customers can take and consider signing up to Plastic Free Oceans.
  • often add general posts, like I would to Facebook, to our Plastic Free Oceans page then click the share buttons to Facebook and/or Twitter so others see it and also become part the solution to the plastics crisis.
  • allow a staff member one/x hour/s per week, in work time, to volunteer for Plastic Free Oceans.
  • have business cards with our page link, so guests can share our journey to clean up the planet.
  • display a Plastics Free Oceans poster encouraging people to follow our lead.
  • donate to Plastic Free Oceans.
  • And any other environmental initiatives your hotel applies …. you get the idea.

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