Your Page can display videos and images. If you do not have video or you want more, we can create image videos for you. Like the examples below. Use them in your Page and/or download for your website or social media.

When logged in click to Video/Images, upload images of your organisation or project, choose a theme from examples below, add a few words for intro, middle and outro. Then leave it with us for a day or so and your video will appear in your library. Depending on the level of your initial donation there maybe a small fee. If so that will display when you enter the page.

Please note. The examples below include the text ‘On’ – that is optional.


Below are examples of the same 11 image video set to different themes and image display times of 2, 3, 4 and 5 seconds.  Note, the first image is always approximately 6 seconds and last approximately 5 seconds.  Actual image durations vary slightly due to different transition activity.   When checking below, be sure the video is fully loaded so you have true perception of timing.

Theme = Bright

Theme = Bulletin

Theme = Comic Book

Theme = Modern

Theme = News

Theme = Newscast

Theme = Photo Album

Theme = Playful

Theme = Scrapbook

Theme = Simple

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