Use local directories like Google Maps or Yellow Pages to search for the local tourist information centre.  Send the message below either by an email address on their site or their Contact Form.  If Facebook, add the message there as well. 


If the Contact Form requires a phone number enter “not entered”.  If that is not accepted enter “123456789” and add this message to the bottom of the text you enter.  “The phone number I entered is not correct because we are volunteering and do not offer a call back service.  Please refer to the website.”


Make your sign off simply:  Fist Name, Volunteer For Plastic Free Oceans.   It’s unlikely you will get a negative response.  If so simply ignore it – don’t get into an exchange.


Subject:  A new place to promote local tourism and look after the environment. 


Hi there,


Visit  Check out the second video on the home page and you will quickly see that Plastic Free Oceans is not only good news for the environment and tourists, it’s a serious opportunity for tourism operators to promote their businesses. 


This is a charitable initiative.  Consider how you can be part of Plastic Free Oceans and also to share with your associates. 




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