Additional environmental checks to consider

In addition to the checklist you may also consider these points to reduce environmental impact.

  • limit the amount of paper used in meetings and conferences.
  • have water in jugs and reusable cups in meetings and conferences.
  • have electronic rather than paper newsletters.
  • use public transport where practical.
  • car pool when travelling to activities.
  • take all reasonable steps to recycle waste.
  • compost food waste.
  • when travelling prefer hotels listed on Plastic Free Oceans – it’s early days for us so encourage them to list .
  • use LEDs for lighting.
  • use solar power OR purchase only 100% renewable electricity.
  • list in your page the environmental activities you support in the community.
  • add general posts, like you would to Facebook, on your PFO Page then click the share buttons to Facebook and/or Twitter.
  •  volunteer for Plastic Free Oceans.
  • display a HERO poster and encourage people to follow your page.
  • maybe a fundraiser for Plastic Free Oceans – next development project is an App to match the website.