Let’s all commit to pick up at least one piece of plastic, in our usual routine, going to work, the cafe, school or other places.  And put a dot on the Plastic Free Oceans map.  Super important: it’s your usual routine – so you only need to enter the dot once. If you prefer not to publish the exact location, choose a location a distance away in your region – that’s fine. If a disability prevents you from doing that, reduce your use of plastic or encourage others and put a dot on the map anyway.


Choose products and suppliers with least plastics and where practical say no to single use plastics.  Tick the boxes when you sign up.



Each week or month spend an hour on their computer volunteering for Plastic Free Oceans.  Log time spent in your dashboard. 


Share a social card, post to PFO social media, publish a Page, download a poster, book listed hotels, selfies and more.  Login and check it out.

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