I helped out at a community beach clean up and walking along the beach I thought “this is great, but what about everyone else? What about all the businesses? Why can’t we all be part of the solution to the plastics crisis.”

It’s probably less than 1% of people who have the time and motivation to spend a whole morning cleaning a beach. What about the 99%? Mostly good people. Would they? Would you? help solve this problem if the action didn’t even change your routine.  So, came the idea of Heroes – they are people who make the simple commitment to pick up a piece of plastic on the their way to work, cafe, school or elsewhere.  Even if it is just one piece once a week, by signing up their estimated weekly count of plastics picked up adds to the global count.  So, inland and by the sea, we build a community around helping solve the plastics crisis.  

Then for organisations we designed a business directory that is much more and than a ‘nice thing to do’.  The new and unique directory can be found by anyone, so they can prefer the listed businesses who are showing they care about the environment.  Hotels, for example, can list to attract more direct bookings and avoid commissions of the large booking platforms.   And the directory only requires a donation of any value at the discretion of the business – so good value, good for business and good for the environment.   

Importantly it’s an entry point for businesses and individuals – rather than just reserved for those with already very strong environmental credentials.  Organisations are welcome even if they do just one thing to reduce waste and they share that on their Page.  Once an organisation starts considering their attitude to waste it’s likely they will consider doing more.  We share with them plenty of ways to do that. 

Almost every person and organisation on the planet can sign up and very easily be part of the solution to the plastics crisis.  

You in?

Rob Edwards, Founder.