I saw an inspirational woman speaking at a function, Susie Crick from the Surf Rider Foundation.  She was organising a community beach clean up.  I went along and helped out, but walking along the beach I thought “this is great, but what about everyone else. We can all be part of the solution.”

Less than 1% of people have the time and motivation to spend a whole day cleaning a beach. What about the 99%? Mostly good people. Would they? Would you? help solve this problem if it didn’t even change your routine – HEROES.

Some will think twice when buying stuff and they might also spread the word – CHAMPIONS. Some may even spend an hour every week or two on their computer to help us build momentum – VOLUNTEERS. And almost every organisation on the planet can easily be part of the solution and authentically use that to their advantage.

Let’s cover the world with dots.

You in?

Rob Edwards, Founder.