If two or more people get together to pick up plastic. We need you! Please sign up your group today and each time you get together post the action on your Page – like you would on Facebook. This platform is all about drawing new people into taking care of our planet – others will see your leadership and follow.    Group members can sign up as individuals and Follow the Page. Also, if you get together for a social activity you can do a plastics check list and post that as well.

Oh! Take a moment to choose the best option in your locality to dispose of the rubbish. Ideal is to take two bags – one for non-recyclables and one for recyclables.   

Like to start a group?

Even if it is just you and one other person, choose a location to meet either weekly or monthly.  An hour is plenty and perhaps go for a coffee after – make it easy and fun so others join in.

Sign up under the “Groups that pick up plastic” category.  Give your group a name, add a picture and a few words. Each time you meet post to your Page.  Then click the Facebook and Twitter buttons on the post to share there, so others become aware of your activity and Plastic Free Oceans.  

Let’s have a Zoom meeting send your details and preferred timing and the Founder of Plastic Free Oceans will deliver a short fun session to your neighbourhood group and answer their questions. 

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