If two or more people get together occasionally to pick up plastic or if you are in a group of Ploggers – joggers who pick up plastics. We need you! You are the leaders and influencers. This platform is all about drawing new people into taking care of our planet and you can help us do that. Please sign up your group today and add your Page.

Each time you get together to pick up plastics post the action on your Page – like you would on Facebook. Those actions are shared on a global list, so the world sees your leadership. Others will follow your lead.  Group members can sign up as individuals and follow the Page.

If you get together for a social activity or meetings you might also like to do a plastics check list on the activity and post that as well.


Even if it is just you and one other person or, of course, the more the better.  Choose a location to meet either weekly or monthly.  An hour is plenty – if you are wanting others to join it is best to make it easy.  Perhaps go for a coffee after – good for community as well as the environment.

Sign up under the “Groups that pick up plastic” category.  Give your group a name and add a picture and a few words on your Page. Then after each meet up add a post on your Page.  Because the post is specifically about plastics it will be shared on the global list so others can see it. Let’s hope others follow your caring lead. Also, share that post to your Facebook and Twitter.  

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