By doing you seriously increasing the reach and impact of Plastic Free Oceans.  Use local directories like Yellow Pages or Google Maps to find cafes and restaurants in the area you need.  Edit and send the text below to their email or use their Contact Form. 

Sample text:

Subject: I am visiting and I prefer cafes and restaurants listed on this new directory. 

The video on the home page will give you the general idea  

Then go to  and you will see it is more than an environmental initiative.  The new business directory will get you more customers.  I suggest you get in early.  Here is a couple of examples: and

When you have listed, please send me the address of your Page on the directory.   No promises, but I will certainly give priority to your place and I will share with friends.  

sign off

— Perhaps add these comments as well

If you have visited before be sure to add that to your email.

Perhaps: FYI here is the address of my Page:   To get that, in your Page click Edit Page and copy the address.

When they list you can add them as a favourite on your Page.    

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