This page is for Rotarians getting the message out to other Rotary clubs.


Choose a region – anywhere in the world.  If you have access to a Rotary directory find websites or direct contact details of clubs in that region.  Or use Google Maps or Yellow Pages to search for Rotary and Rotaract clubs and others. 


Then personalise the message below and send it either by an email or using their contact form.   The message below has been personalised to the Rotary Club of Corrimal, but if your club has published a page insert those details in the message.


Subject:  I’m a Rotarian inviting your club to follow my club on this new initiative.


Hi there,


Our club has recently signed up to the Rotary category of Plastic Free Oceans.  We are delighted to be one of the early sign ups.  Here is our page:


I am contacting you to encourage your club to sign up. It is an easy way we can reduce waste in our clubs’ activities and we also hope that the sharing of our stories on the platform will being new members into our clubs.


Here is the information  In a club meeting play the video at the bottom of that page – that will have members understanding what it is about. Or you can download the video here:


Then get the person in your club who is responsible for your website and/or Facebook page to sign up your club and start your page.  Then each week or so simply add a post about your club activity on your page.  Oh! And please click Follow to our page. 


If anyone in your club would like to volunteer a few hours to help us get this message please ask them to send their contact details and we will make contact.


I look forward to you joining us on this simple, but very worthwhile initiative.



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