Use local directories like Google Maps or Yellow Pages to search  hotels, homestays, bed and breakfast, apartments, holiday parks and hostels.   Go to their actual websites – avoid the booking platforms.  Then send the message below either by their Contact Form (preferred) or the email address on their site.  If Facebook, send it as a message. 


If the Contact Form requires a phone number enter “not entered”.  If that is not accepted enter “+61 2 8003 4143”.


Make your sign off simply:  First Name, Volunteer for Plastic Free Oceans.   It’s unlikely you will get a negative response.  If so simply ignore it – don’t get into an exchange.  


Subject:  Do you want more direct bookings, with no fees or commission? 


Hi there,

Please take a moment to visit and the link to accommodation businesses. You will quickly see this is more than a new environmental initiative.  It has serious commercial opportunity for your business – without fees, commission or sign up criteria.  


Sign up, add images and text, publish your page and new customers will see your dot on the map.  Easy and you have nothing to lose – if you choose not to continue simply click Unpublish.  


The platform recently launched and schools are enthusiastic about the concept.  So early 2019 will see a campaign to all schools across Australia and NZ.  With the message for kids to encourage their parents to prefer hotels and other services listed on Plastic Free Oceans.  So be sure your business is one of the first on the map in your area. 


Please share the link with your friends and business associates. 



…, Volunteer for Plastic Free Oceans

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