Like to make your little patch on the planet a bit less plastic? It’s easy.

Whether you live inland or by the sea – individuals, businesses, schools, not for profits, community groups and friends, with very little effort in your daily routine you can help fix the problem. Join in today – it’s a 100% charitable initiative for all of us.

Plastic pollution is at crisis point and you can help. You in?

Each of us

In your usual routine going to work, the cafe, school or other places commit to pick up at least one piece of plastic, at least once a week. Put a once-off dot on the map, that adds to the global count. Others will follow your lead. Also, prefer businesses that are trying to reduce their impact on the planet.


If your business is committed to recycling or taken any other steps to reduce waste, list on our new business directory. Here’s some examples (on Sustainable Social). You may consider plenty of other waste saving ideas – good for the plant and good for business.

Groups that pick up plastic. And Ploggers.

Two or more people who get together to pick up plastics – let’s call them Plastic Patrols. And groups of joggers who pick up plastics, Ploggers. Sign up as a group and post your activities, so others see it and together let’s expand this movement.

Schools, not for profits and other organisations

You can easily take steps to be part of the solution to the plastics crisis and use this platform to build community around your efforts. Perhaps also commit weekly/monthly to a 15+ minute plastic patrol of an area near you.

Double outcome donations

Donations are split 50% for the development of the Plastic Free Oceans project and 50% to install solar power in remote Pacific island schools see Its Time Foundation.  Giving kids carbon free electricity for a modern education is worthwhile in itself, but also the schools commit to spend 20 minutes each week picking up plastics.  Ocean drift plastics as well as their own. There will be 1000s of kids and villagers clearing remote beaches of plastic. See the video below from Nacula Island Fiji – how many do you think they picked up?


PLEASE NOTE Plastic Free Oceans is an initiative of Its Time Foundation and donations are accepted through that site.  Please also note that administration, rent and office costs of the charity are capped at a maximum 15%. That is much less than most charities, so you can be confident your contribution will be well spent for a better environment for us all.