From tradesmen being found by local customers to multinationals sharing what they do, every business has a place here. There are no annual fees nor sign up criteria and it’s easy.

Super important. This is not limited to those taking big steps to reduce plastics.  It’s for any business taking any actions to have a lighter impact on the environment. If you are doing just one thing, for example, “we recycle as much as possible” – great – get on the directory and get seen.  If you wish, you can consider more actions as you go along – see below for ideas.  

The easiest way to start is to use your Facebook banner image and your logo and you will have a page up in minutes. Then add some information about your business, customisable buttons pointing to your website and social media to drive traffic to your business.  

If you have multiple businesses you can list them under a single login. 

Here are some examples of early adopters to give you an idea of what your page can look like.  Note: videos, images and banner are all optional. 

Only sign up as an organisation if you are the person responsible for managing the account. If you want to follow and engage with the organisation sign up as an individual. ACCOMMODATION, TOURISM, CAFES, RESTAURANTS AND BARS – Please list under those categories.

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